About the Ride

“I was tremendously impressed with the event you organized. The staggered start, the very efficient breaks, the excellent sag support, the post-ride food, the route, all were first rate. I would never have guessed this was a first-time event.”   Tracy Earles, Boulder CO

“I loved this ride. I wish I knew the people I rode with prior to the event. Next year I plan on bringing my riding pals to form my own group.”

The Ride

The Sub 5 Century Challenge is a timed road cycling event that will put your quest for a personal best in motion. All riders will be organized into Rider Groups of up to 25 riders giving you the opportunity to test your endurance on a course that encompasses three counties in north central Illinois.  The field is limited to 200 riders.

There is also an untimed recreational ride that will give you the opportunity to ride from 25 to 75 miles at your own pace, individually or in a group.

The Rider Profile

All riders understand and appreciate that this event is about more than just the bike, it’s about supporting Parkinson’s Research.  Click 3 Steps to Successful Fundraising. Click Sample Fundraising Letter.

Sub5: A road cycling enthusiast whose goal is riding at a +20 mile per hour pace as a member of a group drafting each other. Riders must have some experience riding in a single paceline, double paceline or echelon. Since drafting will be key to maintaining the group’s pace (and for reasons of safety) aero bars will not be allowed. All riders will be assigned to a rider group comprised of no more than 25 riders.

Recreational:  A cycling enthusiast whose goal is riding at his/her own pace either alone or in a group with riders of similar ability and fitness.

Rider Groups

Registration is open to both individual participants and teams, including clubs and bike shops. All riders and teams will be assigned to a rider group comprised of no more than 25 riders.

Start/Finish Time

The first rider group will start promptly at 7:30 AM from Hampshire High School. Successive rider groups will depart at predetermined starting times until all rider groups are on the course. Support vehicles will assist rider groups for the benefit of safety.

Rider Packet

Rider Packets will be available for pickup on Saturday, September 10, 2011 from 4pm to 7pm as well as Sunday morning from 6am to 7am. Riders are strongly encouraged to pick up their packets on Saturday. Each packet will contain the rider identification, route map and promotional items.

Hotel Information

Local hotels are pitching in to help make the Sub 5 Century Challenge for Parkinson’s Research an even greater success and help give our riders a good night’s sleep before the big ride. Rooms are available at the discounted rates listed below for the night of Saturday, September 10thClick here for additional information and a list of the hotels.