Meet Chris Thornton, Registration Coordinator   

Chris has helped organize dozens of Century events. He is also an avid cyclist having competed in both Century and Double Century rides around the country. Chris’s primary responsibility is to assign riders and teams to Rider Groups.  Each Rider Group will contain up to 25 riders.

If you have any questions regarding registration contact .


Those wishing to participate in the Sub-5 Century ride must register by September 5, 2011. When registering select one of the following ride options:

  1. Sub-5 Century Ride (timed ride with fast-service feed zone & limited to 200 riders)
  2. Recreational Ride (25/50 / 75 -mile ride with full-service rest stop)

After choosing from one of the two options above, please indicate your “Time Goal” for the ride. As a guide the time-goal selection box also gives the average speed one needs to maintain in order to complete the century within each time window. The speed estimate allows for a total of 12 minutes in the feed zone. When registering as an individual leave the team is pocket option regulated name blank and you will be grouped with other riders of a similar pace. Those registering as a member of a team should enter their team name and use the same Time Goal. At least one member of the team should check the box to identify themselves as the team captain. Team registration ensures that all members of a team will be assigned to the same ride group. Note: Ride groups may be assigned a combination of both team members and individual riders.

Registration Fee:

A fee of $50 is due upon registration, and includes a meal at the end of the ride. The deadline for pre-registering is September 5, 2011. Payments are deposited directly to the Paul Ruby Foundation via MasterCard/Visa. Click here for a copy of the waiver as printable PDF file.

Each participant has the option to seek donations from individual sponsors. Upon registration all riders are assigned a “Personal Fund-Raising Page” for this purpose. This is irrespective of whether they participate in this option.


Donations on behalf of riders will continue to pocket option promo code 50 be accepted through October 31, 2011 and can be made via their fund-raising page. Donations can also be made directly to the Paul Ruby Foundation. Click here for sample solicitation letter.


Please recognize that this is a fund-raising event and therefore donations and registration fees are non refundable. The ride will be held irrespective of the weather conditions.