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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The 7th Annual Sub-5 Ride for Parkinson’s is a life-changing event for those seeking a physical challenge while supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation’s mission “to help people living with Parkinson’s disease to live well today.”

If you’re a serious road cyclist there are 2 options for you to participate:

Timed 100-Mile Ride

Competitive road cyclists participate in teams and are challenged to forex complete a 100 mile course in less than 5 hours. The course record of 3:55:57 was set by Mike Heagney  in 2015. The 100-Mile Ride is limited to 300 riders.

Timed 62-Mile Ride

This event offers the alternative of riding over a shorter distance.  The course record of 2:49:37 was set by Ryan Norsworthy in 2015. The 62-Mile Ride is limited to 100 riders.


  1. Both courses are open to vehicular traffic. As such, all riders are required to adhere to State of Illinois Rules of the Road.
  2. No “spectator vehicles” are allowed on either course.

All Cyclists must:

  1. Wear a helmet (CPSC certified)
  2. Use a Road Bike only; no aero bars or time-trial bikes are allowed
  3. Obey police, course marshals and intersection monitors
  4. Ride on the right side of the road and NOT CROSS THE CENTER LINE
  5. Pull completely off the road when receiving assistance from SAG support and not impede bike or vehicle traffic
  6. Move towards the shoulder and ride single-file if necessary to allow traffic approaching from behind to pass
  7. Receive food and fluids in the “feed zone” only. No hand-offs are allowed
  8. Line up in the official start area, ready to go by 7:30am



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